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It is popular to eat the
Date:2016-09-29     Count:247

In the morning of September 29, 2016, Sichuan good food Co., Ltd. and other Pujiang County love enterprises in the Century Square County of Pujiang County, held the "volunteer charity sale" campaign for the public welfare day, offering the love of a business for the public service.

It is delicious and delicious. It is popular with the public at the event. A good way to eat hot rice is to attract people to watch. In addition, the National Day holiday is coming, the hot rice is convenient and fast, and the green health is characteristic. It is very suitable for traveling and eating. Many people think that we did not expect Pujiang county to have such fashionable and fashionable products. This is our pride. The charity bazaar, as the people of Pujiang, should respond positively and support.

The charity sale donated nearly 4000 yuan to the Red Cross Society, which was used to subsidize the poor school age children in Pujiang. The person in charge of good food Co., Ltd. said that he would participate in this kind of love activities regularly, highlighting the positive attitude of enterprises to take the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities.

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