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"Eat well" sail from Pujiang to the world
Date:2016-12-26     Count:282

      The food industry is not only the continuation, development and deepening of agricultural production, but also one of the main industries of the consumer goods industry. In the big trend of agricultural industrialization, the "good food" food company, which started Pujiang and gradually to the world, is not only radiating the whole southwest region, but also exporting the United States, Australia and New Zealand. It is the leading enterprise of the non-public economy in Pujiang County, and also for the Pujiang County to explore the light industry of food and so on. The development of modularization points out a new direction.

Starting point: the opportunity to develop the staple food industry

More than 20 years ago, instant noodles in Japan triggered the "noodle revolution". More than 20 years later, the "rice eating revolution" triggered by instant rice in China is also proceeding quietly in Southwest China. The development of new convenient rice makes it convenient for the staple food market to be dominated by flour and rice to divide rice and noodle.

In 2009, the staple food industry was still a strange field for the southerners who were happy to eat rice, but to seize the opportunity of agricultural industrialization, "eat well" chose Pujiang as the starting point for development.

"Pujiang's development environment can be said to be both soft and hard." "Good eating," the head of the company said, "high quality ecology is a hard indicator, but the county and county government's attention and guidance to the non-public economy is an important soft environment to attract and settle down."

At present, the "good to eat" self rice is patented, so that the product that is full of innovation and innovation is booming in the market, and the supply is in short supply.

Management: strict, stable and caring

Making food is a conscience. It's easier said than done. Smoothly through the US FDA export certification, from the rice cooking line to the frying workshop of the bag, the aseptic management is the guarantee of quality.

"It's not an exaggeration to say" it's not spotless. Even top managers can't go in and out of the production line. They have to be strictly sterilized in and out, wearing protective clothing and masks. " "Eat well," the responsible production staff said.

Almost all of the workers from the front line are from Pujiang, stable working environment and humanized incentive management mechanism. In the past 5 years, the confidence of "eating well" based on Pujiang's development is stronger. The cooperation between local materials and local packaging printing enterprises has also greatly reduced the cost of material transportation. According to the future plan of good eating, the development of staple food industry is far more than that.

Culture is the only pursuit.

As long as he has been on the Chengdu subway, no one has never heard of the phrase "do not use fire without electricity, and have eight minutes to eat hot meals". Every year tens of millions of advertising investment, "good to eat" to propaganda can not be too heavy. But you'll notice that you never boast about new technology and new technology, and don't talk about strict control processes. A "good food to eat" lets you remember this hot bowl of hot rice, which is a new publicity strategy.

If someone asks you: is a food good, a very easy to understand "eat well" is the highest praise, the initial use of the word as the inspiration for the brand is so simple and simple. As well as the cultural connotation of the founder, it is the ultimate pursuit of a food enterprise to let more people in the world eat good rice and spread "delicious" word of mouth.


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