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Deputy magistrate ran to eat research
Date:2016-12-26     Count:249

In December 6, 2016, Pujiang County deputy magistrate Ran Qiliang and his party went to Sichuan to eat food Co., Ltd. to visit and investigate.

The deputy magistrate of Ran Qi Liang went deep into the workshop to understand the production status of the enterprise, and held discussions with the heads of the enterprises to understand the development of the enterprises. Focus on enterprise production and sales, factor guarantee and development planning and so on, to effectively understand the existing problems and difficulties of the enterprise, and put forward suggestions and suggestions.

The deputy magistrate of Ran Qi Liang stressed: first, the relevant functional departments should go deep into the enterprises, and do everything possible to help enterprises solve problems and solve problems under the premise of being reasonable and legitimate. The two is that enterprises should change their thinking, actively seek partners and try new ways of cooperation; at the same time, improve their own technological innovation ability and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Three, we should strengthen policy propaganda and do well in organizing and guiding the enterprises to declare all kinds of policy funds.

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