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Take good food and lift 2017 convenient rice exportation
Date:2017-01-18     Count:316


In January 17, 2017, a super long heavy truck drove into Sichuan to eat the Pujiang production base of Food Co., Ltd., and the first 5 large containers were loaded with nearly one hundred tons of convenient rice to the United States. Then every month, a good meal will be sent to the United States and other countries and regions regularly.

Sichuan good food Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to product quality management. It has received HACCP international food safety management system certification, American FDA registration certification, Australian AQIS certification, KOSHER international clean food certification, HALAL international halal food certification, and so on. The market has enjoyed good reputation and won many advantages in many competitive bidding, attracting more international partners to join the cooperation camp, and the export volume increases year by year. By the end of last year, the export of instant rice has increased by more than thirty percent, making it a top priority for a good food sales system.

In Pujiang County Industrial Development Zone, Sichuan good food Co., Ltd. is a government focused investment attraction enterprise. Over the years, enterprises have made great contributions to the economic development of Pujiang at the same time.


An orderly loading of the workers

The departure of the factory, the hair to the United States.


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