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A good brand of Sichuan
Date:2018-01-16     Count:785


In January 12, 2018, the 2017 annual meeting of the Sichuan businessmen was held in Chengdu Grand Theatre. At the meeting, the brand list of Sichuan merchants was released in 2017. Sichuan good food Co., Ltd., "eat well", the self rice brand was selected as the "excellent brand".

As long as he has been on the Chengdu subway, no one has never heard of the phrase "do not use fire without electricity and have eight minutes to eat hot meals". Every year tens of millions of advertising investment, "good to eat" to propaganda can not be too heavy. But you'll notice that you never boast about new technology and new technology, and don't talk about strict control processes. A "good food to eat" lets you remember this hot bowl of hot rice, which is a new publicity strategy. Sichuan good food Food Co., Ltd. has taken the hot rice series products to be listed on the market. With its convenience, fast and healthy features, the company has been popular with consumers and merchants. At present, the company has formed a "Chengdu as the center of radiation in the southwest, best-selling Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Tibet and other provinces and regions of the country" good market pattern, market sales have doubled year after year. If someone asks you, "is a good food?" the most compliment is a well understood "eat well". The initial use of this word as a brand inspiration is so simple and simple. As well as eating the cultural connotation of the founders, it is the ultimate pursuit of a food enterprise to make the world more people eat good rice and spread "delicious" word of mouth.

The 2017 Sichuan brand list is introduced by the Organizing Committee in accordance with the public recommendation, according to the brand influence, brand reputation, brand purchasing power, brand strategic planning and other standards. It covers various fields such as science and technology, retail, banking, food, health, real estate, finance, and so on. It aims to further promote the brand influence of Sichuan business enterprises, to display and publicize the excellent brand of Sichuan merchants, and to promote the more powerful brand building in the business. The list is designed to lead the "Sichuan character" brand to open up the domestic and international market, to achieve the goal of "excellent brand to win respect for Sichuan", and to make the value of the Sichuan brand gain social identity.





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